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My name is Lexa Hoang, a designer of all trades. After I won several oil paintings in high school Fulton-Rockport, Texas. I wanted to do something where I can be creative and artistic. I was and still am fascinated with drawings, paintings, sewing, and art in general. After my graduating years, I was introduced to camera by my older brother. From that moment on, I've became obsessed with Photography and Arts or anything that will inspire me to become a better artist. With my desire, I immediately enrolled Photography and Design classes at Del-Mar College. After 2 years in Art fields, I went to University of San Antonio, Texas to study more about Lithographic, Pinpoint Photography, and Art History. Finally, I saw an opportunity about Graphic Design and computer related. I've jumped in right away. While studying Graphic Design, I also won 2 Awards on Rendering works. Through my studies and personal endeavors I have gained a wealth of knowledge which has helped me to develop as a designer. Over the past years, I won severals millions dollar project proposals and posters from Real Estates to Engineering companies. However, I have become and informed designer by traveling through Asia and Europe to get inspired and driven by old cultures and research the famous artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Please feel free to say hi.  I'll love to hear from you.

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