My name is Lexa Hoang, a graphic designer and somewhat of web designer too.  After I won several oil paintings in high school Fulton-Rockport, Texas.  I wanted to do something where I can be creative and artistic.  I was and still am fascinated with drawings, paintings, sewing, and art in general.  After my graduating years, I was introduced to camera by my older brother.  From that moment on, I've became obsessed with Photography and Arts or anything that will inspire me to become a better artist.  With my desire, I immediately enrolled Photography and Design classes at Del-Mar College.  After 2 years in Art fields, I went to University of San Antonio, Texas to study more about Lithographic, Pinpoint Photography, and Art History.  Finally, I saw an opportunity about Graphic Design and computer related.  I've jumped in right away.  While studying Graphic Design,  I also won 2 Awards on Rendering works.  Through my studies and personal endeavors I have gained a wealth of knowledge which has helped me to develop as a designer.  Over the past years, I won severals millions dollar project proposals and posters from Real Estates to Engineering companies.  However, I have become and informed designer by traveling through Asian and Europe to get inspired and driven by old cultures and research the famous artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.